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Teaching Courtship

We are all familiar with the public service announcements almost begging parents to talk to their children about drugs, alcohol, internet safety, sex and safe driving. Have you ever wondered why aren’t parents encouraged to talk about love and dating?  … Continue reading

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Mend the Bridge; Don’t Tear it Down

No matter how much you love your friends at some point you’re going to fight. It might be something stupid or it might be caused by a serious mistake or poor choice. Regardless, friend fights hurt. They often split groups and people take sides. … Continue reading

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Factor your Children into the Move

One of the most problematic and overlooked issues within the moving process is children. No matter how much you involve them as you hunt for your new home, the actual move will have an extreme effect on them. Every parent … Continue reading

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Work for a Kindness Revolution

Unfortunately, at a time when many are worried about doing everything they can to keep their jobs, the general mood at many workplaces is pretty somber. Just when kindness can make our work a little easier, the days go just … Continue reading

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Positive Friends

Friends are important to growing up, and the ability to choose those friends with encouragement from parents can help them develop better and more meaningful relationships. Kids will meet new people, join new groups, change friends, and develop new relationships … Continue reading

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