What do you stand for?

A very close friend sent me this this morning.  He was influenced by what he heard over the pulpit in church yesterday and could not get these thoughts out of his mind.  So he wrote them down.  I was so moved, I had to share them.

“Our country was not built by watchers”

We would not have all we have if they were only people who waited for someone else to do it. It was built by everyday heroes who did whatever it took to build a great nation and a good future for them, their families, neighbors and those who would come after them. Sacrifice, hard and efficient work, dedication and devotion to a worthy cause, action and character are things that seem to be missing from so many people in our society today. It’s time to stand up and take action to fix our beautiful country. There are many great countries in the world today. This is ours and there is no problem with us loving it. We don’t have to put it down as so many do, or apologize for our successes as a society or as individuals in an effort to make someone feel better about themselves. We need to be proud to be a citizen of the United States of America and more than that, act appropriately. My father would tell us nine kids each time we left the house, “Remember who you are and what you stand for, act accordingly and return with honor”. I think it’s time to ignite this idea in all around us.

Remember who you are:

You are a child of God, a citizen of the Planet, a citizen of the USA, a citizen of your State, County and Town, a Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Friend, Provider, An individual, a member of a family, group, association, neighborhood, a Mentor, Trainee, a person of great worth, a person who in times of need, requires the help and support of others so that they may also be charitable and giving, a person who gives to others when they are in need.

What you stand for:

This is a personal thing. We are allowed to believe what we may. Our constitution allows for this and that is a beautiful thing. There are many roads to heaven, many paths to take to success. Many callings in life and opportunities that are available to us all. Find out and explore “What you stand for” so you can develop the necessary skills to excel and grow in those areas. Make it a good thing. If we would all work on standing for and helping others succeed at good things they stand for, our world would be such a better place.

Act Accordingly:

If you know who you are, and what you stand for, this is where true character is built. It’s not just what we do when people are looking that matters. It’s what we do and who we are when no one else is looking that makes us who we are. Acting accordingly is not looking to be praised for our works. It’s doing the right thing because it’s right, because it helps others and because it needs to be done. Without action, nothing gets done. Without action, there is idleness and complaints. Without action, we don’t get anywhere but further away from where we should be. Act with positive passion. Act with good desires. Act with true intent. Act with charity, with love, with kindness. Act with swiftness and with patience when needed. Act with a purpose that builds instead of tears down. Act so that we can progress and make our country, communities, families and lives better. Act for others. Act for your family and self without taking the liberties and opportunities from others. Act with responsibility. We need to be a society of doers and not watchers.

Return with honor:

Whether this is returning from your day at work, your semester at college, your date on a Friday night or the ultimate return to our Heavenly Father after this life, the same principles apply. This is not a singular goal. Some believe that there will be a book of names that can pass the pearly gates and those that can’t in this life to come. I’d like to take this further. Returning with honor is not just making it yourself. To return with honor means to help others make it too. If you get to heaven and only your name is in “the book”, you will have failed all those in your life. It also could not be called heaven if you you’re alone. I don’t think I would be worthy of a heavenly reward if I selfishly only cared about myself. Returning with honor is helping those we have the ability to influence in life; those that need our help and those who by helping us gain experience and new abilities to serve others through that service when we are in need. It’s helping others find their goals, their drives, and their callings in life. It’s helping them succeed at those things. It’s doing all we can do to not make others provide for us. It’s allowing others to provide when we have a true need as charity can only happen when someone is willing to be served. Looking to be served is not something we should do. Allowing love and support when appropriate is.

If our society could embrace some of these types of ideals again, we would stop complaining and start fixing. Stop going into debt and start growing our economy stronger. Stop fighting and start joining each other in a bigger picture. Stop worrying about who has more than who and start improving all our lives together. We would realize that some will have more things than others but we all have the same ability, opportunity and tradeoffs for what we decide to do in life. Those who may not work 80+hours a week may not have as many material things, but may have a better family life and more opportunities to serve. Those who have true needs, would find them filled and those who want to sit back and watch, would get left out due to their own doing. In a quick time frame, they too may start to embrace that they have the potential to change their situation and the motivation to do this would be a strong one.

For those of you who actually read through this, I am sorry for the length and rambling on. I really meant to only write “Our Country was not built by Watchers”. Once I started it just kept going. I guess I had a few more things to get out of my system and I hope I didn’t ramble too much. There is no spell check on Facebook, so please don’t judge (Actually go ahead, I can’t improve if I’m not able to take criticism)

I also guess I need to wake up tomorrow and remember who I am, what I stand for, act accordingly and return with honor.…. Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching us kids like you did and setting the example for us every day!

Thank you, Troy, for sharing your thoughts.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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