Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques


The word meditation derived from Latin means to think and it has become a universal practice transcending countries, religion and cultures. While our modern life is exposed to lot of negative emotions meditation facilitates to have a peaceful and stress free life. If meditation is practiced regularly the inner power of an individual is sure to blossom which will ultimately lead to a happy environment.


Among various types of meditation Transcendental Meditation is the one which prepares the mind to look inward and to experience the source of thought. Through TM one can achieve the most peaceful and silent level of consciousness. In the process of TM while the body is rested the brain functions with more significance. Quite a number of researches have been made about TM and its techniques and numbers of journals have published them for the sake of enthusiasts.

The technique involved here engages mind by pinning attention on an object or on the breath. Transcendental meditation has brought in unique experiences to the mediators by involving mind, body and environment which ultimately leads to better behavior.


All day along we have plenty of time to have thoughts and act according to them and certainly time is required to be in stillness so that one can feel the inner self. On deciding to meditate the important thing is to choose a place for meditation. The place should preferably a no noise area or in a room where nobody will be interfering with your meditation. Before starting the meditation one should decide to devote the energy of body and mind and be ready to rest with stillness. Close the eyes and start concentrating on the breath techniques. Slowly one can find the silence and when you find silence try to stick to it and rest with it. It is common that the meditation process would be disturbed by the flow of thoughts which tend to distract your concentration. Don’t try to disregard the thoughts for they would try to reappear more vigorously. Recognize the thoughts but try to move away from those thoughts and concentrate on the meditation. Over a period of time the thoughts would not flow and disturb the process of meditation .To achieve this patience is required.


During the process of meditation one may experience physical discomfort and if so necessary adjustments may be made so that the person   is seated comfortably. Relaxation and remaining still as far as possible will put you back on the track of meditation .By keeping attention on breathing and coming away from the thoughts will lead you towards silence. By this process one will become aware of the body in full and its breathing. When attention is diverted to the body one can feel the tingle. The results of meditation is multi-pronged in the sense while it ensures bodily and mental benefits it also provides a contented and happy society when the number of people practicing meditation increases and thereby a value based society is created.

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