Back in the saddle again

Do you ever find yourself waking up one morning and discovering that you have lost a day, a week, a month, large swaths of time?  That’s what waking up was like for me today when that annoying biannual event known as Daylight Savings messed up my sleep patterns.  I lay there cursing my alarm clock as I realized that not only had I lost a precious hour of sleep, I’d lost all of the month of February.  How did that happen?

Sadly, I know exactly how it happened.  Two major trips, three children moving out of our home withing 2 1/2 weeks of each other to begin their lives as adults, a massive shift within the household dynamics, and a two pronged thrust to expand my two businesses.  So much occurred in February that it raced by and I didn’t get much of an opportunity to enjoy it much less acknowledge it’s presence.

February was actually a colossal month in my home and in my life.  We celebrated an anniversary, 22 years to be exact; we watched our three oldest sons take major life steps towards adulthood; I wrote like a crazy woman, but somehow missed writing in my newspaper column; I reconnected to a very dear friend; and I finally went to a place I’ve been trying to get to for years.  Oh, and I finished restocking my wardrobe after having to give everything away back in November.  In case you haven’t been following along, I lost 63 pounds last year and got to the point where none of my clothes fit anymore.  It was a wonderful journey and I am loving being the size I was almost 30 years ago in High School, and having more energy than I sometimes know what to do with.

So, February was packed full of so much activity that it raced by in a blur, leaving me wondering if I’d even been awake through most of it.  Actually I was awake.  But I don’t think it was a month that I got much sleep in.

So here it is March.  No less crazy.  Full of lots of activity, and in danger of racing by.  To counteract that possibility, today I am going to sit back, enjoy the day with my loved ones, talk to family and friends, and thank the Lord for a beautiful sabbath day in which to regather my energies before the rest of the month takes me on another wild ride.

Note to self: don’t let the time rush by without acknowledging that you still have time with those you love doing what you love.

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