Pause to think…

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine, Tom Jones, challenged me and several other friends to take one day a week and do a random act of kindness to show gratitude for everything that we have been blessed with.  He knows me well.  I can never resist a good challenge.  So “Thankful Thursday” was born and every week, I would look for an opportunity to give service, help another, or just brighten someone’s day.  It became habit.  But this past week, I realized that while this is a wonderful habit I have developed, I tend to look for total strangers to help and I have woefully neglected those that are close to me.  So this past week, I focused my attention much closer to home and realized that within my own extended family were some individuals whose burdens I could help ease for a while.  So began my week of pulling items together, thinking long hours about what best to do in order to accomplish the most good, and by last night, the evening of Thankful Thursday, I was done.  It was the busiest week I have had in a long time and it was amazing to put so much effort and time into helping others.  I went to bed last night and awoke this morning with the biggest grin on my face, knowing that I made a small difference in three lives this week.

I am amazed at how one man’s idea can change so many people.  Tom’s idea certainly has changed me.  It has helped me to look outside my own issues to see what I can do to help others.  And it has made me more grateful.  I have some amazing people in my life who make my life easier.  Tom is one of many.  My list is long and includes my husband and children who make my life complete, my best friends, Moe, Lisa, Shelli, Mel, Amy, Betsy, and Shawna who make sure that I am never alone even in my darkest hours, my extended family, and my close friends who love me even at my worst moments and stick by me through thick and thin.  I am truly blessed and whatever I can do to bless the life of another, I will gladly do it.   To those who have touched my heart, even if you are no longer a part of my life, I thank you and am grateful for your influence in my life.  I hope I made a profound difference in yours as well.  Happy Thankful Thursday all, even if I’m a day later in the wishing.  🙂

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