Take a deep breath, pull down your pants, and slide…

You know that moment, and most moms can relate with me here, when you finally realize that summer is over and you may just get a chance to take a break from the madness of summer break?  Then it hits you that even though vacations are over, trips are completed, summer sports have ended, and the kids are now occupied with school, you are even busier than you were during the summer break?  Yeah, my life is kind of like that and it’s just hit me that I don’t have a “free” moment anywhere.

That’s when I take a page from Doctor Sidney Freeman of my husband’s favorite show, M.A.S.H.  and I quote “When everything seems to be beyond your control, gentlemen, take a word of advice from me.  Take a deep breath, pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.”  Sometimes, all you can do is go with it and try to find the joy amidst the insanity.  Eventually, I know life will slow down again and I’ll be able to come up for air.  Until then, I’m going to do my best to slide.  Just don’t grade me on grace 😉

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