What a ride!!!

It has been a crazy week.  Actually, it’s been a wild past two months.  I’ll start with my week though.

Last week, I found a publisher for my book.  I’ve spent the past week focusing on the first round of rewrites and now the book is back in the hands of my editor until the second round begins.  I am constantly learning that there is so much more to writing a book than putting the actual story or words to paper.  That’s actually the easy part.  but I’m excited to learn all I can so that when books 2 and 3 are done, I’ll be close to being a pro.

As to the last two months.  Seven weeks ago, I began a journey to becoming a healthier me.  When I got married, nearly 22 years ago, I weighed 132lbs and was 5’11” tall.  If I say so myself, I looked good and I felt good too. Then the kids started coming and with each consecutive child (5 in all), I gained weight.  And somewhere along the way, I lost an inch of height.  Losing weight became a daily struggle.  I’d get down to a “nice” weight, meaning I didn’t look overweight, but then I’d slowly creep up again.  And don’t even get me started on how I felt about changing my eating habits.  I’m not a big eater to begin with but i do love certain sugary foods.

Every weight aid I had tried previously, involved pills, powders, liquids, or out and out starvation.  And I was constantly hungry.  So much so that the moment I reached my goal weight, I’d go out and celebrate with a REAL meal. You know what the result was?  I’d be eating real food again and surprise!!! the weight came back. Then a friend introduced me to a new way of eating.  it didn’t involve depriving myself of the things I love, like chocolate and ice cream.  It didn’t involve pills or drops or other drugs that I wasn’t sure were actually beneficial.

It did involve changing the frequency of when I eat, changing how I look at food, and learning why certain moods would cause me to eat more.  In essence, I had to relearn how to eat and when I should be eating.  I was surprised because initially, I felt like I was eating too much.  Actually, I was eating more than I was used to and I was LOSING weight.  Exactly the opposite of what I expected.  Now, a mere 7 weeks (I’m actually on week 6, day 3), I have dropped over 25 pounds, I am half way to my goal of being under 140 again, and I eat 6 times a day.  I am never hungry, have tons of energy, AND my asthma is less severe.  That last is a benefit I hadn’t counted on but I’m not complaining since my asthma has been severe enough to put me in the hospital a few times.

So here’s my point.  Good things happen when you put your mind to it, when you have the right tools, and when you have a strong support system.  I wouldn’t be losing so consistently without my friend/health coach.  In fact, I’m going to start coaching myself so if you want to be healthier, let me know. I wouldn’t be planning my publishing debut if a writer friend hadn’t steered me into meeting my publisher.  All things happen to those who don’t give up.  I truly believe that.

So what’s ahead?  Well, if I hold true to form, I’ll reach my goal weight by the end of October.  And I have three more partial manuscripts that I am working on so expect to see several books with my name on it in the very near future.  Life is good. I’m excited.  Don’t stop the ride, I DON’T want to get off!!!

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2 Responses to What a ride!!!

  1. Vicki says:

    hello lovely!!! this is fabulous, congratulations. i am happy for you about your book wow!

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