The value of a smile.

Some things just bring a smile to your face.  A giggly child, a new baby, cuddly animals, a long wished for dream realized.  Today, I have had a permanent smile attached to my face.  No amount of bad weather (it’s 106 outside), not so great news (a friend’s father-in-law passed away), or even bad feelings around me (my kids didn’t have a very fun day at school) has managed to remove my smile.  Why?  Because the news that put it there has been long awaited for two and a half years and I am as joyful as I was when I held each of my newborn babes.  Today, I added author to my list of accomplishments.  That’s right.  A novel I worked on for a year is finally heading to the printers and I am realizing a longtime dream and goal.  There is just something magical about creating something and watching all the hopes and dreams you attach to your creation, come to fruition.

I had to spread the news with a good friend of mine who has been in my cheering section since I first vocalized my dream to write.  And guess what?  This very creative, funny lady who has been toying with the idea herself, is going to take the plunge.  I’m excited for her and excited for my future as a novelist.  I love it when dreams come true.

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