Take time to laugh and play

Sometimes I forget to stop and take life less seriously.  With children, work, family obligations, church, a household, volunteering, and a host of other responsibilities, my life often becomes a long list of things I “MUST” do.  If I am lucky, I get my hour and a half of me time in the morning for exercising and catching up with friends before my day really takes off.  I get so tied up in what I have to get done that weeks and even months go by before I realize I haven’t done anything FUN.  Not that I don’t enjoy my life, but it is a typical adult life and it could be viewed as rather somber.

Last night, my husband and I had the pleasure of spending  5 hours with 9 other couples as we celebrated 3 birthdays that had occurred these past two months.  Not that this is anything new or unusual in my life, however, what happened once we got together was definitely not our norm.  We started acting like teenagers; corny, slightly giddy, somewhat irreverent, in short, we laughed like fools and played like children and guess what?  Not one of us worried about image or status or what anyone would think of our goofiness.  We just laughed and laughed hard. And we did it together.

Sometimes we need to do that.  We need to look at life as a place that holds silly moments, opportunities for play, and companions who will laugh and play along.  My husband and I are still chuckling over how much fun we had last night.  And consequently, our household is much more cheerful this morning too even though we are back working on our MUST do lists.

It’s important to make time for childish play.  Last week, my husband attended a charity golf tournament for his work.  All of these straight laced, corporate types showed up and got into their golf carts for 18 rounds.  My husband was expecting a routine business type event with everyone still maintaining the personae that they present in the office.  What he encountered was a bunch of grown men and women who became teenagers let loose at a bumper car convention.  Golf carts became race cars, bumper cars, and even airborne craft.  Golfers didn’t try to place their balls on the greens so much as see how far into traffic they could send their small missiles.  The day was spent with copious amounts of laughter, lots of childish antics, and fun.  And they didn’t even have to be drunk to act as they did.  The drinking came after the games at the end of the day.  They just created good, clean, child-like fun. My husband couldn’t get over how different his colleagues were outside of the work environment once they let loose and began to play.

Life is stressful, demanding, and often overwhelming but taking time out to play and laugh with your whole being, makes life infinitely more worthwhile.  Don’t let life become something that you DO.  Create moments where life is something that you LIVE and do so joyously.  Laugh often and Live well.

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