My two favorite days of the week.

There are two days of the week I actually look forward to: Sundays and yes, believe it or not, Mondays.  I know what you’re thinking, no person in their right mind looks forward to Mondays.  Well, there’s several reasons why I do.  First, let me explain why I love Sundays.  I am a very religious person and I love to attend church services every Sunday with my family and like-minded individuals.  Not only do I return home from these meetings feeling rejuvenated and with a better understanding of my existence as a child of God, but I always come away with some new insight or thought that I can apply to my life and my relationships.  Also, Sunday is the day when all my family, minus my son who lives back East, is home, when I get to write to my oldest son who is now out of the home, I get to chat with family and friends for hours on the phone, and I get to spend quality time with my husband and kids without school and work pulling everyone away.  All in all, there is nothing I DON’T  love about Sundays.

Now to explain why I love Mondays.  There is something about starting off my week with a brisk early morning hike that I look forward to Monday mornings.  I head out at about 5:45-6:00 am just as my youngest heads to the bus to go to school.  For the next hour, I am alone with my thoughts, my music, and I get some of my best ideas at this time.  It is my own escape from everything that will require my attention during the rest of the week and I guard this time like a miser.  When I return from hiking, I am always guaranteed an email from my oldest son.  For the next hour, he is online and he is mine to converse with and check up on (us Moms need that contact with our children, no matter how old they might be).  I can’t even begin to describe what missing that short hour with my son does to me mentally but I can tell you that it puts an added jolt of energy into my week knowing that he is being productive and is happy with what he is doing in his life and we have had that opportunity each Monday morning to touch base.  Monday is also the day that I actually sit down and write letters to several friends.  Yes, I still practice the art of correspondence.  I love spending a few hours composing thoughts, sharing ideas, and including my “penpals” in my daily life.  It brings me closer to them than an email or text possibly could and it gives me the opportunity to bring a little sunshine to the life of another.  After all, who doesn’t like to get a long letter in the mail from a dear friend.  Once that is accomplished, my Monday begins to look like all the other days of my week, full of chores, errands, activities and of course, writing.  But those morning hours where the time is mine to connect in a very personal way to those I care for and love, make Mondays a very special day in my book.

I find that for me, it is important to maintain a personal connection, not only to my God and my family, but to the people who matter most to me.  Letters, phone calls, long lengthy emails, and gatherings that bring me closer to those I love, make my week more pleasant and give me the strength to tackle what ever the week wants to throw at me.  I could spend my Sundays doing other things and use my Mondays to do more “work” but in the end, will I really accomplish more if I don’t take time out to work on the relationships that matter the most to me?  I doubt it.

So here’s my question for you.  What do you do for yourself and for those you love and care about?  Do you race through the days and then wonder where your time went to?  Or do you set aside a day or two to concentrate on those relationships that make your life worthwhile?  If you don’t do this, maybe it’s time you reevaluated how you are spending your time.

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