Are you Negatively or Positively Charged?

A very wise man once said: “Changing our emphasis from what we’re against to what we are for has a dramatic impact [on what we are able to achieve].”  For most of my life I have battled against my weight.  I have never been truly happy with the way my body is shaped.  Until recently, I realized that my attitude towards exercising and watching what I eat has been working against me.  I have set weight and exercise goals based on what I do NOT want to look like.  And for a time, this works, but then I find myself losing ground in the battle. I do NOT want to be overweight.  I do NOT want to have to squeeze into my clothes.  I do NOT want to be out of shape physically.  Then recently, I read the above quote and I realized, all this time, I have been negatively charged towards my weight and lifestyle.  So I have made some changes.

Instead of looking at what I don’t want, I look at what I do want.  I DO want to see my body as something to be proud of.  I DO want the “feel good” endorphins available through exercise.  I DO want to look great in my clothes.  Changing my focus to positive motivations instead of negative ones, has actually taken off a lot of the pressure I have always felt about taking care of my body.  Do I exercise less?  No.  If anything, I am more apt to push a little harder in my exercise program.  I LOVE that feel good feeling that comes afterwards, that runner’s high.  Do I eat less?  No, but I am noticing that I am more conscious about my food choices.  And surprisingly, these positive changes seem to be bleeding over into other aspects of my life.  I no longer feel guilty for not getting all my chores done on my To Do list.  They will wait.  Some days, I am more productive visually than others.  But not letting my guilt rule me has freed me up to enjoy my friends and particularly, my family more.

Am I a positive person over all?  Not yet, but I am definitely working on it.  After all, you attract the bees better with honey than you do with vinegar.  In the same concept, I am attracting a healthier lifestyle, better friendships, and a stronger, closer family by being positive in my focus instead of letting guilt and therefore, negativity, determine why I act as I do.  Positivity draws positively charged results while negativity seems to backfire and place me back to square one.  I prefer the outlook I now have that seeks out positive motivations and aspects versus the one I’ve carried around all these years that is guilt and negativity based and hasn’t helped me attain my goals.

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