Need input

So this is not exactly a question of the day but I do need some input from my readers.  I was approached to take all of my articles and sections of this blog and combine them into an e-book for Nook and Kindle.  While I love the idea and I have no problem fleshing out my articles and my blogs, I have no idea whether something of this nature would be a good read or is even of interest to anyone.

On top of that, I have no idea how to create an e-book or how to submit it to Kindle and Nook.  Anyways, that is the suggestion I am pondering.  What do you think?  Would my writings combined with my column make a book worth reading (and purchasing)?  I look forward to your responses.

If you have not read my column, each article can be found in the pages under this blogs header.  they are separated by the month they were published.

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2 Responses to Need input

  1. Lorianne Dru says:

    I say: Go for it!
    There must be somewhere/something that can walk you thru on how to put a e-book together and get it submitted.

  2. judy says:

    I just bought a kindle and i must say I am delighted with it – it is obviously the publishing platform of the future. Whether or not there is a good market for your thoughts and writings i honestly don’t know. You would certianly need to put an original slant on your material to let it stand out. Everyone enjoys reading about relationships but it is quite a competitive area. Anyway, good luck and if you do publish it will be more content for my own kindle to enjoy.

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