The Hardest Job

I have worked at many different careers; nurse, music teacher, sales clerk, receptionist, therapist, bed and breakfast owner.  I have born and raised five children and cared for them through broken bones, health problems, agonizing choices, and life changing events.  I have been in college more years than I can count and have a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees.  All of these times and events and positions in my life have required energy, determination, blood, sweat, and tears.  But none of them have required more of my time, effort, tears, or heart than the job of being a wife and companion.  Before I took my vows I thought that all the hard work was in landing the guy.  Twenty plus years later has taught me that our courting months were just the “interview” stage.  Being a companion, helpmeet, and wife to my husband requires constant effort and work.  It’s not always enjoyable.  It’s rarely smooth sailing.  And it can never be taken for granted that he and I are “doing just fine”.  I have to put conscious thought and effort into making sure that my marriage and my relationship with my husband is strong, honest, and my first priority.  It is the most difficult job I will ever have but it is also the most rewarding and the most precious.  It’s the job I want to continue working for a lifetime.

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