The healing power of honesty

I think we often go through life with a mental roadblock that says, “If I am completely honest, I will hurt others, they will hate me, I will destroy relationships, …” and the list goes on.  What we fail to remember because yes, sometimes, honesty is painful, is that by being honest, we open up ourselves and our relationships to positive change.  Secrecy, half-truths, stuffing down our feelings and emotions and needs and omitting to share them with those closest to us, will ultimately just destroy everything we are trying so desperately to hold on to.  My article this week is about honesty (and no, I haven’t posted it yet, but I will) and how it is liberating, constructive and even cementing in our relationships.  Life is too short to hide our true selves from those we care about.  Find your own liberation.  Let the world see who and what you are and take pride and ownership of your own truths.  You’ll be loved even more for it.

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