The Jury is still out

So I’m getting all sorts of responses about the topic of flirting when you are in a committed relationship.  Some feel that it’s not a problem as long as their partner is not offended or bothered by it.  Others feel that once you make the commitment, all flirting should cease unless it’s directed towards your partner.  Then there are those who take the middle road.  I think I’m one of those.  I don’t particularly want to take sides but as a person who has been told that she’s a natural flirt, I’m unsure if that aspect of myself is really something I can turn on and off.  I do know that if I don’t watch what I do and say, it can be misconstrued, not only by my partner but by others I’m in contact with.  I try really hard to let my husband know in no uncertain terms that he’s the man I am committed to and who I have chosen to build a life with.  I think that relationships are a combination of trust and open communication and above all, respect and love for your partner.  If at anytime, I do or say something that demonstrates disrespect for my husband, I am quick to apologize and do my best to not repeat the offense.  Does that mean I don’t flirt?  No, I still flirt ( although in my mind I don’t see it as flirting but as my trying to overcome my natural shyness and be more outgoing and open; a trait needed in my career as a therapist and educator) but I make sure that it is well known that I am just showing appreciation for others and am not interested in anything beyond that.  Sorry, I am already spoken for.

So do you have an opinion one way or another?

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