Just Fun and Games with a Question of the Day

Normally I would post, then pose a question, but something came to my attention that I have to share and before I do, I want to get everyone’s weigh in on the subject.

Societal norms change quite rapidly, especially in the area of relationships and what is acceptable behavior.  Here’s my question.

When two people are in a committed relationship, should either partner flirt with outsiders and if so, at what point would they be crossing the line between flirting and inappropriate behavior?

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4 Responses to Just Fun and Games with a Question of the Day

  1. Scott says:

    I think it really depends on the person, some people are flirty by nature and they don’t mean anything, they are just being themselves. With others, it might be a symptom of some bigger issue. I think it would be up to the couple to understand the personality of the other. This is probably over simplified, but I hope that there is enough. (:

    • leisaw says:

      There are no right or wrong answers, Scott. It’s all personal preference but I would hope that the couple in question would be on the same page otherwise, this type of issue could really rock a relationship.

  2. smee says:

    I agree with Scott; to a point.

    In a committed relationship one assumes it will only go so far (as determined by the couple). If it goes beyond that, it is a matter of one committed person disregarding the other committed person’s emotional security and trust to “please” or “flatter” them self or a third party. In essence, saying to the disapproving committed person, “Your feelings (etc.) matter less than my fun or the third party’s involvement in my (our) life. You are less important than me and/or a third party.”

    Nature does play a part, however, if one is truly committed, they would put the relationship before their “nature”. Nature drives the human race to procreate; it doesn’t drive each human to be naturally monogamous. That, is a choice.

    • leisaw says:

      Very true. There is a fine balance between light flirting, something most of us do naturally, and sending out vibes that say we are open for more. If flirting is hurting someone in the relationship, it ceases to be harmless.

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