Question for the Day

What is the most important aspect of a relationship for you and why?

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3 Responses to Question for the Day

  1. Melissa says:

    Trust. I have found it impossible to have a healthy relationship where trust is lacking. Friendships and family relations suffer when you can’t depend on people to keep confidences or be honest with you etc…and I can’t even imagine what my marriage would be like if I questioned my husband or thought that he didn’t trust me. Thankfully, that’s not something that’s and issue in my marriage. 😉

  2. Laurie says:

    Communication would be one of the most important aspects of a relationship for me.
    I want to be able to tell the person I love everything and I mean everything. I also want the person that loves me to feel free to tell me everything as well. I want my significant other to know all my secrets and I want to know all of his. I want to be the person he cant wait to tell his storys too. I want to be his best friend.

  3. leisaw says:

    I’m not sure any relationship can survive without trust and communication. Thanks Melissa and Laurie for your responses.

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