Trying something new!

I love to write and I love to help those who just need an ear to bend or a fresh new perspective on an old issue.  While I enjoy writing for the L.A. Examiner as a Relationship columnist and I enjoy my work as a therapist, I find that I gain better insights by looking outside of my scope of acquaintances and reaching out to people from all over the globe who can expand my knowledge and deepen my experiences.  With that in mind, I hope that this blog will invite you to not only read what i have to write about but pose your own responses, experiences and questions so that we can all interconnect, grow in knowledge , and perhaps even better each other on this journey we know as life.  I look forward to the interaction.

You will also find here an archive of my past and current articles.  Feel free to browse through them and leave your comments.  I even enjoy hearing when someone disagrees with what I have to say.

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